My mom gave away my childhood MLP collection when I was 12, so all of these were found on Ebay. Besides, the only ones of these Sis and I had back in the 80's were Twilight, Medley, and Cotton Candy anyway. This does not BEGIN to scratch the surface of my MLP collection (I have over 100 ponies from the 1980's, all coming from Ebay!) These are the only ones featured, because these ponies were the ones from the cartoon on the Bit the Dust Tape.

Megan, Firefly, Twilight, Bowtie, Ember, and Spike the Dragon

Cotton Candy, Moondancer, Bubbles, Applejack

Medley, Glory, Mystery Pony*, Twinkles the Cat

*-The Mystery Pony is a Custom I made from a UK Rainbow Pony Confetti. There is a rumor that this pony was a ceramic pony known as "First Born." There was no regular MLP pony made of her, and there really isn't much of her in the cartoon (see the screen shots of the MLP cartoon section).