These were recently acquired from Ebay. I probably never owned the Charmkins toys when they were first on the market because I was only a year old, and therefore, much too small for me

The Whipporwill Windmill. According to mein sister, we had a commercial for this on the tape

Brown Eyed Susan, Willy Winkle (or Perriwinkle), Li'l Tulip, Lady Slipper, and Poison Ivy

DaffoBill/Popcorn and Blossom

Poppy the Cat, Crocus the Parrot, and Buttercup the Dog. I had to position them on the windmill because while Poppy and Buttercup can stand by themselves, Crocus can't

Dragonweed, King of the Wees himself. He was originally a mail order charm.