*NOTE: The only commercial footage of Gloworm I have included Glo Bug, and Glo Baby. I'm not entirely too sure if Glo Bug was with the commercial on our tape or not, or if Glo Baby was included as well. But since it's the only one I have, it'll have to do. Besides, it's unknown for sure if Glo Baby was or was not on the tape.*

SINGER: Gloworm is huggable, snuggable, lovable
Gloworm's your goodnight friend

VO: And now there's a new goodnight friend. Glo Bug!

SINGER: Squeeze him tight when it's night
Watch his face light up bright
Glo Bug's your goodnight friend

VO: And there's also little Glo Baby

LITTLE GIRL: Glo Baby's tired, Mommy.

MOTHER: Goodnight, Glo Baby. Goodnight, Susie.

SINGERS: Gloworm, Glo Bug, and Little Glo Baby
They're all your goodnight friends

VO: And they're machine washable. From Hasbro Preschool.

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