Froot Loops

COWBOY DOG: Hey! Dagburn it!

TOUCAN SAM: What's wrong?

COWBOY DOG: They left without breakfast again!

TOUCAN SAM: What are you serving?

COWBOY DOG: Beans, what else?

HORSE: Yeeeeuucchhhh!

TOUCAN SAM: How about fruit flavors?

COWBOY DOG: Fruit? That's different!

TOUCAN SAM: Come follow my nose!

COWBOY DOG: Gotta nose big as Texas!

TOUCAN SAM: It always knows!

COWBOY DOG: Whoa! Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal!

TOUCAN SAM: With natural orange, lemon, and cherry flavors. And a full day supply of Vitamin C. Part of this complete breakfast. Well?

COWBOY DOG: Little birdie, I'm makin' Froot Loops my brand!

HORSE: Neeeeiiiggghhhhh!

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