Care Bears: Professor Coldheart

COLDHEART: I think Good Luck Bear's up to something! All that lucky clover! Disgusting!

VO: It's the Care Bears and Professor Coldheart. Each sold separately.

BOY: It's a treasure map!

GIRL 1: Dig here, Good Luck Bear!

GIRL 2: Right, Cheer Bear, but where's Bedtime Bear?

GIRL 2: (the same girl is playing as both Good Luck and Bedtime) Whew! I'm hot and tired.

BOY: Want something cold? Hee, hee!

GIRL 1: Cool it Professor Coldheart! (pours watering can of water on Coldheart Figure)

BOY: Yikes!

GIRL 2: Hot diggity, treasure!

BOY: Care Bears have all the luck!

VO: Professor Coldheart with Frozen Meanie Mug is new. Other Care Bears each sold separately. From Kenner.

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