Care Bears Plush: Hugs, Tugs, and Grams

TUGS: Baby Hugs, quit trying to hug that butterfly!

GRAMS: You're the one who needs looking after, Baby Tugs.

VO: Introducing Grams Bear, Baby Hugs Bear, and Baby Tugs Bear. Each sold separately.

GIRL 1: Anybody seen my shawl?

GIRL 2: Hang on to Grams' shawl, Hugs. We're near the cookies!

GIRL 3: Wait Tugs! You're diaper's slipping!

GIRL 2: Whew! Thanks! Now for a cookieeeeeee! (at this point, Hugs and Tugs fell off the table)

GIRL 2: Whoops!

GIRL 1: What smart little cookies for finding Grams' shawl!

GIRL 2: If she only knew!

VO: Each sold separately, Grams Bear, Baby Hugs Bear, and Baby Tugs Bear are three of the Care Bears. New from Kenner.

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