Shrinky Dinks Rainbow Brite Playset

GIRL 1: Oooh, Rainbow Land!

VO: The new Shrinky Dinks Rainbow Brite Playset, by Colorforms

GIRL 2: Rainbow Brite.

VO: First, color the Rainbow Land characters. Cut them out, and into the oven, and they shrink like magic. Put them on stands, and you're ready to play in Rainbow Land

GIRL 2: Beware Murky and Lurky!

GIRL 1: Yuck!

VO: And for more fun, here's the Rainbow Brite Rub 'n Play Transfer Set, to create your own Rainbow Brite action poster. The Shrinky Dinks Rainbow Brite Playset. Some assembly required. It's Colorforms fun.

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