Get Along Gang Clubhouse Caboose

It's the Get Along Gang, it's the gang that's goin'
It's the Get Along Gang, and the fun is always showin'
Get Along, Get Along, Get Along!
Did you get all that?

GIRL 1: Meet at the clubhouse?

GIRL 2: Where?!

GIRL 3: Here!

VO: Introducing the Get Along Gang Clubhouse Caboose. Montgomery "Good News" Moose, and Zipper Cat Miniatures. Each sold separately.

GIRL 3: The gang will now come to order

GIRL 1: Zipper's too dizzy

GIRL 2: Montgomery's teetering on his totter.

VO: The Get Along Gang Clubouse Caboose. Montgomery Moose and Zipper Cat each sold separately. New from Tomy.

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