ACTION Child Safety Program

VOICE ON PHONE: Fourth precinct, may I help you?

WOMAN: Yes, my son is missing. He was due home hours ago. My husband's out looking for him now.

VOICE ON PHONE: Excuse me, ma'am, can you give me your name and address, and a description of your boy?

WOMAN: Yes, my name is Katie Michaels, I live at 1445 Lindsey. Bobby is six. (husband enters) Did you find him?

MAN: I looked everywhere for him. I found his glove down at the playground . . . .

VOICE ON PHONE: Mrs. Michaels

WOMAN: I'm sorry, what?

VOICE ON PHONE: Mrs. Michaels, I've dispatched a car to your home, but I need your son's description, hair color, height, and describe his clothes, please.

WOMAN: Well, um, he's about three and a half feet tall

MAN: Honey, he's taller than that, he's up to about here.

VOICE ON PHONE: Now, ma'am, do you have a current photo of Bobby to give the officers when they arrive?

WOMAN: I don't know, maybe (to husband) do we have any pictures?

VO: If your child were lost or missing, are you prepared to help the police find him? Write ACTION, Washington, DC, for a free brochure containing valuable pointers on child safety.

MAN: (Unintelligable)

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